Critical Chain



JIT-CHAIN-MANAGEMENT Software Strategy Framework Model, Strategic Management, MBA models and frameworks, business

Machinehead Software Chain Length  v.

Although the majority of chain length calculator users will be bicycle owners, the program is suitable for calculations with any pitch of chain. It has two modes: derailleur and fixed wheel. Derailleur is intended for bicycles with derailleur gears.


Chain of Command  v.1.0

Chain of Command is a WWII war game where each player controls four soldiers on either the United States or German side. Each team strives to capture the victory points to win the mission.

Chain Reaction  v.1.0.0

Control the chain reaction and blow up all the balls!


VALUE CHAIN SOFTWARE, Value chain, software, analysis, management, template, diagram, example, model,

Supply-Chain-Management Software  v.4.25

Supply-Chain-Management Software Strategy Framework Model, Strategic Management, MBA models and frameworks, business

Math chain

Look at the digit and deside what the next digit at the digit chain. This exercise can be used for increasing IQ (inteligent quantity) range. Math chain game. Continue lines of digits. Use your mind for game. This game used for developing of IQ.

PIQE: Chain of Puzzles

As the title implies, PIQE: Chain of Puzzles, a refreshing new logic game by Albymedia, immerses you deeply in the challenging world of various mind-teasing riddles. Your intellectual skills and deductive thinking will be put to the intellectual test by

Prompt Critical

Prompt Critical is a space shooter with beautiful visuals, a pounding soundtrack and frenetic gameplay. 100% guaranteed to woop your butt like oldschool gameplay should.

Critical Mass  v.

Critical Mass, a spaceship shooter game, puts you in charge of a squadron, to lead challenging missions in the outer space. As a commander, your task will be to guide and control your spaceships in different missions.

Critical Mass Deluxe  v.

From the labs of Big Fish Games comes perhaps the most addictive puzzle game ever made...Critical Mass. Critical Mass is a puzzle game with an action twist.

Supply Chain Planning  v.

Supply Chain Planning is user friendly & Intuitive (SCP is a perfect balance between power and ease of use).

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